Ahmose Reincarnated in the 21st Century?

Feb 2017
One could easily argue that Ahmose I was one of the most influential Egyptian Rulers with the remarkable progress he made to reinstate Egypt in the 18th dynasty. Ahmose was not only strong in foreign affairs, vanquishing the Hyksos, but also opening quarries, trade routes and mines. I'm not sure if my history is totally correct on this but I think he also built the last Pyramid (some may have been re-built or modified in later years), and he also set the stage for a golden age in Egypt.

My question to pose would be what kinds of rulers in recent times (let's say... 100 years?) have accomplished something similar? Does anyone stand out as a ruler that both delivered his or her nation from subjugation militarily while simultaneously boosting its economy and setting it up for success? I'm always interested in the ability of some people to take ancient history and apply it to modern times, as I've never been too coherent or knowledgeable to do so.

I read about Ahmose in a book I'm reading on ancient Egypt, but if you want a quick summary, Wikipedia's is pretty good:

Oct 2016
On a magic carpet
How about Mustafa Kemal Attaturk? He created the modern nation of Turkey despite facing huge odds against him, did so with enormous success and liberated his homeland against a coalition of superior enemy powers, then proceded to completely reform the society based around secular principles and created the nation in his own image. It's hard to think of any other ruler whose influence was quite as successful in the modern era.