"Ahnee!" Hello from Oklahoma!

Nov 2014
Oklahoma USA
I am getting to like this place! Everyone has been so cordial.

Looks like we are supposed to introduce ourselves, so here goes:

Broad general lifelong interest in history, which seems like a deep longing to know -- or curiosity about -- things that most people aren't much curious about.

My late father was a published historian. I have had the privilege of growing up deeply rooted in Oklahoma, with a great sense of what a unique history we have here.

Someone has already asked me if I am Shawnee and Crow. "Crow" is my ancestral family clan affiliation, not the western tribe. And while we get sorted out by "tribe" here, there, and everywhere... things get kind of fuzzy in Oklahoma. Yes, I am Shawnee. But long before the time of the Removals, various peoples had lost their ancestral lands and regrouped time and time again.

It is more accurate to call myself Anishinaabe, or Original People, in the language(s) pretty much shared by the Algonkian diaspora. And I have a generous admixture of German and Scots in me.

Yes, I will be glad to correspond with anyone about Oklahoma and Indian history. My viewpoint, however, is that of a fully acculturated mixed blood, and not to be confused the with life experience of someone from a more traditional or reservation background.

"Ahnee!" means Hello! even though we don't hear it all that much around here anymore, it's still nice to get to roll it out from time to time. Am glad to join the Historum crew.

addendum: Seems like oftentimes men are more commonly interested in history than women. I'm an old lady. Just so y'all know.:eek:

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Mar 2014
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Don't know much about the Shawnee (apart from Tecumseh and the Prophet, of course, who are local celebrities) - how exactly did they end up down Oklahoma way?

Oh, and welcome. :)
Nov 2014
Oklahoma USA
Don't know much about the Shawnee (apart from Tecumseh and the Prophet, of course, who are local celebrities) - how exactly did they end up down Oklahoma way?

Oh, and welcome. :)
By many routes. Please bear in mind that Shawnee lived throughout the eastern half of the US, all the way from Georgia, through the Appalachians, all the way up in Pennsylvania and New York state. Think of it more as a cultural group, rather than a "tribe". People moved -- and got removed -- decade by decade. A lot of folks -- especially mixed bloods -- learned English, German, or French, acculturated and reinvented themselves as "French", or "Black Dutch". They continue to people the Midwest both in small self-identified tribal communities, and as indiscernible "white" majority-culture Americans.

Traditionalists got removed battle by battle, treaty by treaty. A lot of people just picked up and moved westward themselves. Thus, the clashes with the Lakota peoples in the northern Midwest. Others trecked off to Mexico, to Texas, and to the southeastern US.

By the time of Tecumseh and Tenskwatawah ("The Prophet") traditionalists from many remnants of many Algonkian tribes -- and others -- got lumped together as "Shawnee", as "Sak and Fox", as "Kickapoo", or as "Miami", or "Ottawa". Other Shawnee got lumped in with some Cherokee (an allied but unrelated people). There came a time of forced Removals, first to Kansas, then to Oklahoma.

There is a small community of tribal-roll full- and nearly-full-blood Shawnee near Little Axe OK. They got the short end of the stick every treaty, every battle.

But a lot more of us have ancestors who -- for good or ill -- outwitted the forced Removals. People drifted, did whatever they had to do. In Oklahoma an Indian could both blend in, and legally own land (well, in some cases, it was a legal quagmire). He could operate a business. Yes, there was brutal prejudice... but there was infinite wiggle room for acculturated and industrious individuals. A white son-in-law could work wonders for upward social mobility. In exchange he got a new extended family, and a lot of creature comforts.

We were a frontier milieu of culture clash and adaptation. An Indian man with cattle and money in the bank held higher status than some Anglo derelict. The long-acculturated Scots-Cherokee set the example for prosperous interaction.

Nowadays, a number of well-acculturated Shawnee (and other tribes) do just fine in fields such as the aviation industry (Tinker AFB is nearby the old Shawnee Nation), law enforcement, business, and federal service.
Jan 2014
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"Ahnee! Hello, welcome and as you are also of German descent in the language of your ancestors from the German tribes: Willkommen!:lol:

Maybe you are also interested in finding out about the German tribes (although we do not call them tribes anymore).:cool: