Ajanta Cave Paintings

Feb 2013
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Feb 2013
Repost, but never the less.

In the early section of Ajanta paintings - Satavahana, one of the successors to the Mauryas, 2nd-1st Century BC


Unlike later Ajanta pieces(4th-6th Century AD), emotions through the face wasnt something that was mastered, or really shown in the earlier models(2nd-1st Century BC), except with this archer. The artist shows the archers emotion as the King kills the dear in a hunt. While the rest of characters in the scene look rather robotic, this one character's simple emotion ends up stealing the whole show for me, along with the King's hunting of course.


Whole scene.
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Mar 2019
one should make research on ajantha painting and compare it to various different traditions across india, it would probably reveal lots of interesting stuff, i do see a fusion of different styles, some paintings seem characteristically south indian/ellora type, some seem east indian/ pala type, some seem kashmiri and some seem gujarati/rajasthani/jaina types, some buddha shading seems eastern indian/nalanda and some seem kashmiri.