AK47 vs MA41

Jun 2006
Earthquake Central
I don't know anything about guns.. but i'll take the one that will destroy a fax machine faster.
Aug 2006
Im like the above guy, I know some but not alot. I'd choose the Ak-47 more durable and its sound comforts you. Also its a very popular gun! Ak-47.
Jun 2006
North Carolina
My buddy has 2 AKs and I've had the chance to fire both. They both are pretty powerful and with a good marksman pretty accurate but one thing bothered me the most about them. The hand gaurd doesn't cover much of the barrel, which gets extremely hot. So every time I shoot them, I always end up accidentally touching the barrel and getting a nasty burn. It's also hard to carry them when the barrel is that hot too. Even though I haven't ever shot a M4, I might try my luck with it instead of the AK.
Aug 2006
These two show how different the weapons philosophies are between the USA and the former Soviet Union. The AK is dead reliable. The M4 and it's other AR-15 family spin-offs require more maintenance. However, the M-4 is more accurate. AKs have all sorts of barrel movement due to the way they are made. The AK is for spray-and-pray and meant to be in the hands of irregular forces or armies that don't send much time on marksmanship. The M-16 is a real rifle by comparison.

Ballistically, the AK-47 fires a heavier bullet. And the M-16 has a higher velocity. Later versions of the AK fire a round more like that of the M-16.

Jul 2006
although i like the Ak47 rifle more, I would take an M4 in a combat situation. the M4 fires a high velocity round and is more accuraute. The AK is basikally just a cooler gun lol. but both are great weapons


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Jun 2006
Jacksonville, FL
panzerbjorn said:
Based on my experience with Counter Strike, I'd have to say the M4.
I've gotta use the same answer. I'm only familiar with these two guns through video games. The AK is a favorite weapon of terrorists and rebel armies. The M4 is more stable and a weapon of the allied forces.
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