Al-Biruni, the great Persian polymath

Nov 2013
Perhaps I am making too many threads on Islamic scholars but....then again, perhaps Persia's most notable scientist deserves a thread....

Al-biruni is more or less the greatest scientist to come out of Persia. Did he have any groundbreaking discoveries???
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Mar 2017
The book "The Chronology of Ancient Nations" is basically a long text about calendar systems and astronomical calculations. There's a nice little chapter about "Pseudo Prophets" that talks about sects that spun out of Judaism & Christianity.

The book is mainly a review of systems with his commentary. I thought he wrote a history, too, but I might be confusing him with another Arab.
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Jun 2012
Abū Rayḥān Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad Al-Bīrūnī wud hv been an Arabic name. He was Persian by ethnicity, but took up an Arabic name becos he was a Muslim, like many Muslims do. Ahmad wud hv been the name of his father. Al-Biruni a surname derived from something, possibly an ancestor (i.e. Bīrūn), or cud be also a place he came from (i.e. Bīrūn).

Current president of Iran also has an Arabic name, Hassan Rouhani. It wud been Hassan Al-Rouhani, if it were Arabic proper, but Iranians nowadays tend to drop the 'al' part. It is roughly equivalent to the English 'the'.
Aug 2014
He was not a ' Persian' but a Khwarazmian. They spoke a distinct east Iranian language. My mother tongue is also classified as East Iranian language by linguists but that does not make me a Persian.

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