Alexander the Great & Hephaestion

Mar 2012
No source says that they were that I know of.

Alexander's sexuality is all over the board in the ancient sources.

Plutarch implies that Alexander despised homosexuality. Arrian is silent on the matter. Rufus mentions in one line that Alexander had a homosexual relationship with Boagas, but mostly condemns his relationships with loose women. In THE GREEK ALEXANDER ROMANCE, it is mentioned that Alexander is in love with a young man whose name I cannot remember, though that is a poor source...more like myth telling. Apparently, there is a very ancient source that says that he loved boys, though I have not been able to find it.

No source that I have personally read or heard of describes a relationship with Hephaestion.
Jan 2015
Ontario, Canada
I tried to research this as well. Other than some servant called Bagoas and claims about Hephaestion there aren't that many claims. Even then the sources are not reliable on the matter, it comes off more like gossip.

As a young man the implications were that Alexander may have not displayed sexual interest so that his mother hired a courtesan from Thessaly to become his concubine. Alexander did not marry or take concubines apparently until he had conquered the Persians, he took Roxanne, two daughters of Darius and Barsine the wife of Memnon (or Mentor).

On the other hand he also said (can't remember the context) that he was most vulnerable when with a woman. So the claims that he was homosexual or had male lovers are not reliable, but for the most part he doesn't seem to display a strong interest in women either, at least until around 327 when he married Roxana (supposedly also the year in which Barsine gave birth to his son Herakles). Then in 324 when he married Stateira and Parysatis.