Alexander the Great & Hephaestion

Sep 2016
Whatever happened to her?
It's kinda confusing. According to Plutach, she and Stateira were killed by Roxana. But when it comes to Alexander's second wife Parysatis, there are no further written accounts that refer to her by name after the marriage. However, some historians, including Elizabeth Donnelly Carney, believe that in an account of the death of Stateira, Plutarch misidentified Parysatis as Stateira's sister Drypetis. In Plutarch's history, after Alexander's death in 323 BC, his first wife Roxana ordered the murder of Stateira and her sister in order to cement her own position and that of her son, Alexander. Carney maintains that Parysatis "makes more sense as a murder victim". If Parysatis were Alexander's wife, then, like Stateira, there was a possibility that she could be – or could claim to be – pregnant with his child, and thus pose a threat to Roxana
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