Alexander the Great in the Old Testament.

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I have broken it down.

Egypt-Babylon hand over power too a foreigner (Gen 41:43 / Dan 2:48 ), crowned
in Memphis ( 2 Samuel 12:28 / Jeremiah 43:10 ) after crossing the border-fortress between Egypt and Canaan (Jeremiah 43:7)

Alexander’s mother was Olympias, princess of Epirus
- David was born in the house of Ephrath

Phillip II had Seven Wives
- David's father had Seven Sons

Phillip II lunged at Alexander with a sword but he fell over before he could reach him
- Saul sought to pin David to the wall with the spear, but he slipped away

Philip II died in 336 BCE in Ageae
- Saul death was linked with Agag

There is something rather interesting about SAUL , His body was fastened upon the temple of 'Beth Shean', because he was a God, that was his temple, The name (בֵּית שְׁאָן ) (Beit She'an) literally means 'Temple of Zeus '

-Beth Shean
During the 3rd century BCE a large temple was constructed on the "Tell", dedicated too 'Zeus Akraios' (Zeus of the Heights) that overlooked the city, therefore the fitting name is 'Beit She'an' ( Place of Zeus ) thus the Book of Samuel is dated there-after.

Saul ( שָׁאוּל ) is then from San ( שָׁאַן ) which is 'Σιων' ( Temple of Zeus ) Saul is 'שָׁא' (Σι) and וּל (a conditional particle) meaning 'Oh' ( Num 20:3 /Gen 17:18 ) thus 'Saul' means 'Oh Zeus' the divine father of Alexander the Great.
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Alexander born in the House of Epirus
David born in the House of Ephrath

The name Epirus. in Attic Greek is 'Āpeirōtân ' or 'Epirote' , perfectly
transliterates into Hebrew as 'אֶפְרָת' (EPRT )

The Mother of Alexander, Olympias was a devout member of the snake cult of Dionysus, Now the mother of David is not mentioned in his narratives, although briefly mentioned in Psalms 51:5 as being an adulteress suggesting King David was the bastard-child of Nahash of Ammon (1Sa 11:1 )

'Nahash' mean Snake, that which tempted Eve and the Epithet 'Ammon' means he was Egyptian, what we
have here is the Alexandrian Romance of the Libyan Sibyls of Zeus Ammon surrounding the birth of Alexandra

While Philip was away on campaign, Nectanebo convinced Philip's wife Olympias that Amun was to come to her and that they would father a son. Nectanebo, disguising himself as Amun, slept with Olympias and from his issue came Alexander.[25]
Nectanebo, or 'nakht' compare this with 'Nachash' (Snake) and Egyptian monarchs are always depicted with a Uraeus, or a Serpent.

Eve / Olympias tempted by the Snake of Egypt
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The 'Ark of the Covenant' was the funerary cart of Alexander the Great

After the death of Alexander the Great, a funerary cart was constructed to convoy
the body out from Babylon, it went through Syria too Macedonia, then diverted to Egypt,, too Memphis then to Alexandria.

The Ark of the Covenant in 1 Samuel 6:14, was described as a Cart, but also depicts a lengthy journey of the Ark

From Shiloh, to Even Ha-Ezer, to Ashdod, to Gat , to Ekron and too 'Beth Shemesh' , It is a North to South journey, Even (Aviv) > Ashod > Gat (Gaza) then all the way too 'Beth Shemesh' (a translation of Heliopolis)

The Ark of the Convent looks like a coffin

In matter of fact, the Hebrew word for coffin is 'אָרוֹן' ( 'arown ) , the same word translated as 'Ark' .

Gen 50:26
So Joseph died, being an hundred and ten years old: and they embalmed him, and he was put in a coffin ('arown) in Egypt.

Exo 25:10
And they shall make an ark ('arown)

1 Sa 6:14 ' mounted on wheels '
And the cart came into the field of Joshua
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