Aliens attacked!

Oct 2013
Planet Nine, Oregon
Bashful Airships / UFOs don't want to be inspected... :cool:o_O Contact.

1958: Healdsburg (above):
"According to their report, the object came in for the landing about 8:45 a. m.. Friday, touched the ground, heslitated a moment, made a small circling run and then took off again, clearing a fence, a cow in the adjoining field and traveling on a straight course east toward Fitch Mountain over Highway 101. The object continued east for a short distance then made an abrupt right angle turn south and followed a straight course..."

"The object took off at great speed from the ground when approached by the observer."

1896: Healdsburg (again!)
December 10, 1896 THE FLYING MACHINE AGAIN The airship has once again been seen in Healdsburg. Parties whose integrity the editor of the Tribune would not dare to question singlehanded saw tlie seraphic craft close to the earth Friday night perambulated about the railroad depot. Hie gentleman, who has been successful in keeping the machine far enough away from the mundane sphere to maintain the secrecy of his Invention, on this occasion was equally cautious against the obtrusive gaze of mankind, for he steered the airship up 10l Healdsburg when the fog was so. thick that a snow shovel had to be attached to the aerial locomotive tOidear the path. The parties who discovered the flying machine’s second voyage to Healdsburg assert that the haze was that intense that when the mysterious navigator of the sky hove in sight it was within a stone’s throw from where they stood in amazement and the inspissate air. It came straight for the spellbound spectators and descended closer to the earth as it approached nearer, as if to rest the machine for awhile on terra firma. Suddenly the man who operated the rudder looked and saw some people who might reveal the secret of conquering gravity. Quick as a flash the flying machine turned the nearest comer and, speeding above the orchard south of the depot, departed. In another moment it was high up in the air and. out of sight. The lookers-on were overwhelmed with astonishment. They hurried to town as soon as they rallied and brought the startling intelligence to the philosopher of the community .who pronounced it a well-de-fined case of mutual hallucination.
Healdsburg Tribune, Enterprise and Scimitar 17 November 1966 — California Digital Newspaper Collection

Again, 1897?, Kansas City, MO:
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"Reports from Macoupin County, IL., however, say an airship has been seen at several points in the county, alighting at two places and resuming its journey when delegations started in the direction of the point where it alighted in order to inspect it. These reports say the ship traveled at the rate of thirty miles an hour at least, and that it seemed to be under complete control of those in charge of it. Other points at which an airship has been seen are Emporia, Kan., Wabash and Muncie, Ind., Perry, Okla., and Palmyra and Ripoo, Wis."

Robert Bigelow's grandparents in Vegas 1940s?:
"Bigelow who grew up in Las Vegas and still lives there, said that his grandparents had a close encounter with a UFO, which sparked his interested. “It really sped up and came right into their face and filled up the entire windshield of the car,” Bigelow stated. “And it took off at a right angle and shot off into the distance.”
Alien Drones. Contact.
Oct 2013
Planet Nine, Oregon
And this is the great one from 1902:


Let's compare a few things, shall we?

1. The bright star-like object or energy


2. The structured objects:


3. The lights on the structured objects:

Oct 2013
Planet Nine, Oregon
These objects from different times and places seem very similar in some ways --both jut into the sky and seem to be filled with little beings or children. And they scare the bejeebers out of folks, as is to be expected with such things. :cool:



Desert Sun 18 August 1965 — California Digital Newspaper Collection


Desert Sun 4 August 1978 — California Digital Newspaper Collection

From Terry Lovelace, at Devil's Den:

"I woke up at 3:00 AM to brilliant multicolor lights, white, yellow, and orange illuminated the inside of our tent. Through a rear small net-window I saw the forest behind us was lit-up like a night game at the ballpark. I noticed my clothing and boots were all askew.

I pushed Toby aside, so we could both look outside toward the meadow. There was an enormous UFO as large as a five-story office building. It was a triangle with each leg being about a city block in length. It was fifty feet tall and sat stationary, thirty feet over the meadow floor. There was a noise too. It was a low bass hum or drone. Not so much loud as it was powerful. It was like standing nest to a running diesel train engine or a large industrial machine.

We saw what I first took to be children walking around the meadow underneath the triangle. There was a column of white light, about thirty feet in diameter shining down from the center of the triangle. We watched as these little people walked into the light and just dissolved, one by one until they were gone. The hum stopped and the corner lights all returned to brilliant white. The white cylinder from the middle stopped and the thing rose about like a hot air balloon. It made a one-third (clockwise?) rotation and continued its ascent, picking up speed until it was high in the sky and then gone."


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