Aliens attacked!


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Jan 2014
They are shocking in view of the official government position. But if you read The Alien Plan for Earth, you may conclude that statements from former government people are not entirely ingenuous, and even a bit deceptive.
Oct 2013
Planet Nine, Oregon
Hacker group might release UFO docs eventually:
"During a 4chan Q&A, the group additionally claimed to have documents related to UFO disclosure. “Now, our next release about UFOs, yeah, that’s a 10 mate, but it’s going to wait until we’re done here.”
Hacker group Dark Overlord claims to have proof of 9/11 conspiracy
They might be full of it, but I think 2019 could be a very memorable year.
Oct 2013
Planet Nine, Oregon
"A bright light sudden-ly made its appearance in the sky, and attracted his attention. As it came nearer to him, he ob-served that the light belong- ed to a long, dark object. It was soon practically overhead and Mr Gull frankly confesses the trepidation with which he witnessed it apparently descending straight upon him. Unwilling to accept closer quarters with the visitors, he rode back to his friends, and rousing them from their slum-bers, invited them out to see the visitor for themselves. The invitation was readily ac-cepted, and from that time, right on to 3 o'clock on Sunday morning Mr Gull and his friends remained watching the object, which con-tinued to move in various directions in the sky, and at different, heights until at the hour named it disap-peared."

This reminds me of the "Terror of Guerande" a little bit:
THE TERROR OF GUERANDE. - Geelong Advertiser (Vic. : 1859 - 1929) - 3 Apr 1866

"...cow-house, when he dropped .the flint and steel , wherewith ho had intended to light a small lamp which he carried; he stooped down to seek. for them, assisted by the clear starlight, and! was in this position when he suddenly, heard a loud noise overhead, and the next moment he felt himself nearly caught by two large Iron clasps. Horrified, he looked up and saw some great black object hovering in the air, and then, deadened by a sudden spasm of fear, he fell fiat and rolled over into a gutter leading from the cowhouse where he lay insensible."

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