Aliens attacked!


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Jan 2014
I think it was Carl Sagan who said "extraordinary claims require extra ordinary proof"
I don’t think Sagan really had the stomach for ET. In one of his books he cited an ancient legend of a half man, half fish creature as possible evidence for an alien visit. And he says contact might be made in the future. But if someone were to claim to have seen aliens emerging from landed UFOs, here and now, he’d shriek, no way!!! Lol!

The term UFO simply means "' Unidentified Flying Object"' . It's a hell of a stretch from"I see something in the sky, but don't know what it is" to ' I don't know what that is, so it must be aliens' I think that fits the 'argument from ignorance 'fallacy.
If an object appears artificial or behaves unlike anything natural, like it’s under intelligent control, yet is unlike anything made by humans, it’s reasonable to attribute it to aliens.

I have never dismissed the notion of alien visitation out of hand. However, I have dismissed all claims I've seen so far, including the crash footage. . I am perfectly willing to change my sceptical views. Al l want is a clear, unambiguous picture published in a major Newspaper.
Since 1950, when the McMinnville photos were published, there have been clear, unambiguous pictures in periodicals. The problem is, skeptics won’t accept anything. Even if a picture is clear, they insist it is a hoax. On some other board someone insisted the McMinnville photos showed a truck mirror even though he could not find any from that period that really matched the object shown. It HAD to be a hoax even though he had no proof.
Oct 2013
Planet Nine, Oregon
Correction. Long time no hear.
Hi Starman I'm doing well, just suddenly sideswiped by the Mountain scale armour! I have read a bit more of the book and will have more to say soon! I think the newspapers are mined out, but did not disappoint us. Working full -time and taking care of a needy little dog really eats into one's time.

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