Aliens attacked!

Oct 2013
Planet Nine, Oregon
Check out the "Terror of Guerande". 1801, Britanny, France. Animal mutilations, humans crushed together by "some vast mechanical force", a UFO, and possible abductions.
The Terror of Guerande.. Totally forgotten:
THE TERROR OF GUERANDE. - Geelong Advertiser (Vic. : 1859 - 1929) - 3 Apr 1866 &searchLimits=exactPhrase|||anyWords|||notWords|||requestHandler|||dateFrom|||dateTo|||sortby
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Jan 2014
Skeptics also suggest natural scavengers and insects; I think that's possible in many cases, but not all.
Right the cutting is too precise in many cases. I doubt there would be a mutilation issue if there was nothing to it other than what had been occurring naturally. In addition, as the book shows, there have been reports of aliens seen in the act of killing and mutilation.

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