All of the Jews who were killed in the Holocaust get reincarnated in the 2019 USA



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May 2014
What if all of the Jews who were killed in the Holocaust would have gotten reincarnated in the 2019 USA as a result of Alien Space Bats?

How is the USA going to deal with a sudden doubling of its Jewish population (with the new six million Jews technically being illegal aliens since they don't have any documents and being predominantly YIddish-speaking--possibly with little knowledge of English)? Also, how are Israel and the rest of the international community going to deal with this? For instance, is Israel going to attempt to get these Jews to immigrate to Israel? Is the US government actually going to be willing to legalize these Jews or is it going to insist on deporting them?

Any thoughts on all of this?
Dec 2017
Regnum Teutonicum
Today's administration is will hunt them down, lock them up and deport them as swiftly as possible. Then they will use this "invasion" to tighten border security (the "wall"), implement zero-tolerance on illegal migration and maybe restrict some civil liberties. A lot of americans will be against it, so the country will be divided like never in living memory.


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Apr 2010
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This is silly.

We will no longer be permitting these "magical" speculative yjtrsfd. All such threads must fall within the realms of possibility.