Alternative locations for a Panama Canal


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May 2014
Which alternative locations have there been for a canal equivalent in purpose and function to the Panama Canal? I know that there were previously discussions of building such a canal in Nicaragua, but what about elsewhere? For instance, was southern Mexico ever considered as a destination for a Panama Canal-like canal?
Apr 2017
Aside from alternate routes in Panama and Nicaragua...
Yes, actually southern Mexico on the isthmus of Tehuantepec was considered, using the Coatzacoalcos river for part of it. Supposedly cheaper, it never worked out because Mexico wouldn't agree to the deal. Plans were considered more seriously for building a rail connection across it.

A more detailed investigation has revealed this concept was written off as too expensive by capitalists and engineers. So this was never seriously considered as a sea canal route. However, as a land route it was and still is.

Colombia is also apparently considering linking some of its rivers to form a canal.

And Costa Rica and Nicaragua are also considering a land route to transport cargo like Mexico.
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