America doesn't know her own presidents!


Historum Emeritas
Aug 2006
I was looking around today (I had a bulletin board presentation today) and I saw that when i pointed to a picture of Ulysses S. Grant (our 18th president) and someone actually thought that he was Teddy Roosevelt!

What are we teaching our children about history these days?


Historum Emeritas
Jun 2006
They wont be teaching at all before it's over with, cause they're barely teaching at all now.
Sep 2006
Korea (but I'm American!)
America doesn't know her own presidents!?
Well, to be fair, most Americans probably couldn't tell you the names of our two political parties or what they stand for, let alone tell you what the 3 branches of government are. And most are unaware that we live in a REPUBLIC, and not an acutal democracy.

anyway..That is the beauty of the internet and these forums. You don't really need teachers as much as we used to, because you can learn so much about history by sitting at home in front of your computer.
The days of receiving 1 person's,(your teacher), perspective and teachings on history or any other subject are gone. When you can go online and get 50 other people's opinion on something, then teachers can no longer deliver BS in the classroom with impunity.
I'm not saying teachers are obsolete, but the world of education is most definately changed for the better.
Some of you on this forum are real go-getters, who seek knowledge far outside of your required highschool studies. So in 50 years, at least a few people will still know who the Presidents were.:)