America Unearthed goes to find Vikings with me in Baja California!


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May 2016
On the other hand this Scott Wolter is quite “alternative” in the themes he brings to his program:

America Unearthed - Wikipedia

Phoenicians and Egyptians in America, Templars, Holly Grail, Ark of the Convenant, Bigfoot… we have all there. Aliens apart!


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Oct 2012
Petroglyphs are interesting but not evidence, as the nature of the carvings usually is such that there can be multiple plausible interpretations of what they represent.

Proof of Viking exploration of American Southwest would be something turning up in the archaeological record to confirm their presence in California, similar to the discovery of a Norse site at L'Anse aux Meadows. So far, nothing comparable has turned up. As such theories about Vikings in California are highly speculative, potentially bordering on fantasy.
Oct 2014
Yes, but it sure makes for interesting conversation here and as far-out an idea it might be, it is getting on Prime Time. Like the articles in the old Desert Magazine were designed to do, the hope with me is to get more people outside, into the desert, down into Baja, and explore your world!


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Oct 2011
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A holiday in Baja California? Why not?

But I don't need a viking ship to go there ...

This said, if we want to spend some words about Scott Wolter ... he is an expert geologist and it happens that archaeologists cooperate with geologists. The problem here is that he substantially works without archaeologists [or historians]. Sure he is able to determine when a petroglyph got engraved, but I'm not certain about his expertise in determining the nature of a petroglyph.

There is who is persuaded that in Australia there are Egyptian hieroglyphics, just to remind a similar case. Now, in the case of the Australian hieroglyphics a geologist like Scott Wolter could help. But he is busy with Ancient Egyptian artifacts found in US ...

In the field of alternative history I've noted not a few scholars "passing the border" and entering fields which are not exactly their competence. But this wouldn't be a problem. Until they follow the scientific method ... the problem comes when their work becomes TV business [or editorial business]. In Italy there is a real fashion, for editors, to publish works of engineers [better if nuclear engineers!] putting almost all near to the Arctic pole [Troy and Atlantis included!]. During the Bronze Age there was a quite interesting civilization in the Arctic region for real [around the White Sea], but from this to sustain that it was Atlantis there is a certain distance.

A more known case is the one of Robert Bauval, an engineer who has studied the ancient Egyptian civilization suggesting some fascinating hypotheses. Now, at least Bauval has studied Egypt for real [he was born there] and he has applied his education observing what Egyptians did. Anyway, as any other scholar in the field of alternative history, he exaggerated ... he was among the authors of "The Mars Mystery" with Hancock. I've got that book in my library and it was among the reasons why I left the field of alternative history.
Oct 2014
I think shows like America Unearthed are best for showing you evidence of possible historic events. You have to decide if they are or are not. I hope to continue seeing these many sites and being free to decide or ponder their history. When the evidence is conclusive, then they can rewrite the history books. Until then, keep Scott Wolter (and others) on the air for the rest of us who like the outdoors, weird sites, and history.
Oct 2014
Friends and family... the show (America Unearthed, S4, E1 Vikings in the Desert) with a few minutes of Baja California and me with Scott Wolter, is now on YouTube:
The Baja California portion begins at Minute 34:50+.
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May 2016
Friends and family... the show (America Unearthed, S4, E1 Vikings in the Desert) with a few minutes of Baja California and me with Scott Wolter, is now on YouTube:
Thanks for posting the link.

I must comment that the way that the “artefacts” were found is disappointing. To say the least. They are out of context. And even if genuine they aren’t a prove to anything.

About the buried Viking ship… no words are needed.

The petroglyph is Baja California is the most interesting part of the show.
Nov 2018
How would a Viking ship end in California?

Either it should come from the east, where the Vikings sailed as far up on one of Mississippi’s tributaries as they could get and then dragged the ship over land to the Colorado River.

That was what the Swedish Vikings did in Russia, where they reached as far as Byzantium and the Caspian Sea.

However, that network was not built in one day, with trade alliances and means to drag the ships on ramps from one river to the other.

Though I have not been out with a yardstick I also think the distances in Russia where to drag the ships were shorter than in America.

Then there is the theory that they came through the North West passage. One of the reasons why the Greenlandic Vikings sailed to North America were trees that were few and small in Greenland.

If they have sailed further north, it has probably been to hunt walruses.

But, all the way through the Northwest Passage? Even nowadays with modern ships, it is not exactly a cruise.

It has worn hard on ship and sail. The sails were made of either wool or linen, materials not found in North America. In addition, it has taken quite a woman to weave these sails.

Then there are planks and nails. There is no shortage of wood in America.

However, unless they have had a large stock of iron, they have had to extract iron from bogs. The ship must also be tarred; this had to be extracted from trees. None of these things is something you just do in one night.

In fact, there was a large organization behind to keep a Viking ship in the water.

It may well be my imagination is a bit limited, but I simply cannot imagine that even though the Vikings were hardy and enterprising people, that they sailed all the way to California.

As I wrote in another thread, I think the explanation of the petroglyph is a little closer to home.

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