America Unearthed with Scott Wolter

May 2015
Schertz ,Tx
Does anyone watch this show on the Travel channel? It's rather interesting in various ways. Anyhow, he took a look at the Eleanor Dare Stones. Supposedly someone found a stone carved by Elanor Dare. Then later this stones started turning up in various places beside Virginia. I'm not a geologist but I think the original one may be real, and the others maybe hoaxs. Even if the Lost Colony split into two groups, where would they have had the time to carve all these stones, and how would thye think anyone would find them? Then he got testy with a gentleman in Croatan in regards to the Lost Colony because this guy didn't believe the stones were genuine. Maybe the first, original stone yes, but not the rest. Scott definetly didn't want to hear that. Then he was in Pennsylvania looking at some chamber these two guys found which had a spring and the water flowed into a basin that had a notch cut so the water could flow out. I laughed when the property owner wouldn't let him there to check it out, so he sent one of the two guys who found it to measure the thing. Then Wolters talked about the basin for bathing, a lie. Then mumbles something about the soltice and Templars and Free masons. Wanted to hit him up side the head. To me, it's an old spring house. The basin was to let the flowing water cool a crock of butter, and other foods . To help keep them from spoiling..

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