An account of a clash between Pashtuns and Rajputs



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Nov 2009
Akbar was not a Muslim, he invented a new religion which didnt work. Even though he did every thing to appease Hindus in his life time, such was the lack of respect for him that Hindus (of Jats) desecrated his tomb, dug out his bones and burnt it. For Rajput Hindus for example, Mahaana Pratap will be a hero and freedom fighter, not videshi Akabr who waged war upon their lands
Akbar considered himself a muslim, he never renounced Islam and the world recognizes him as Muslim- that makes him a muslim, just not an orthodox one.

Do tell us, which historical Muslim figures you Canadians and other Westerns consider your Hero?.
Several actually. Us westerners, we consider Saladin, Suleiman the Magnificent, Akbar the Great, Shah Jahan as great figures and heroes of history. At the very least, Saladin and Shah Jahan are considered greats & heroes to most western scholarship today.

So now answer my question- is there a single non-muslim leader, after Islam arrives, that is considered a hero by Afghans or muslim people or are muslim societies simply incapable of recognizing greatness in a person if they are not muslim ?

All you people are doing is, intentionally provoking sentiments of Muslims, by calling names to our greatest leader, Prophet Muhammad p.b.h.u.....Westerns lack sophistication and manners when it comes to these matters. Even though i have differences with Indians, i wont deny that they have values like other eastern cultures. In west , on the other hand, there is no concept of family, traditions, culture, religious values, mannerisms and basic human decency. How can you people respect other religions and cultures when 70% people in your society are born out of wedlock and dont even know the names of their fathers.
In my time living in pakistan, i encountered the likes of you- who are simply too ignorant of the west and derive impression of the west through media and hollywood only.
To us, the greatest thing is individual thought- the ability to think on your own and not force-feed nonsense and tow the established line. Which is why we call out Mohammed for what he was and which is why we can also take criticism of Jesus Christ, the most influential figure in western culture.

We have people who respect religion, culture, family etc- they are called conservatives and incase you didn't know, most western conservatives have far longer family history than most south Asians (that includes Afghans). For example, i know what my direct, patrilineal ancestor 600 years ago was and what he did- do you even know who your ancestor 200 years ago was and what he/she did ?
But what we have that you don't, particlularly amongst the afghans and the pashtuns, is the ability to tolerate dissent, to tolerate difference of opinion and right to individual opinion. We don't kill people for what they think about a long dead person or what they choose to do with their bodies.
But with education and amenities, your society will also one day come out of dark age and become civilized. That doesnt mean people will stop respecting family and tradition, it simply means that one day, your society will become mature enough to tolerate those who don't care about family or tradition as well, like we have.
When that day arrives, your part of the world will not have people wanting to leave it and come to our part of the world, but will attract people to live in your part of the world too.

Oh and we do respect other religions and cultures- just check out how much following Indian culture has in the west- from Yoga to meditation, to neo-Buddhism, neo-Hinduism and the mass movement towards spirituality. We, in general are attracted towards cultures that exhibit a long history and literature towards tolerance, inclusiveness and individual as well as collective well being. We are not attracted towards autocratic theocracy, appeals to imaginary authority and counter-intuitive nonsense masquerading as 'some guy 1500 years ago got this message from God via seizures' types of nonsense, which is why we have a much less appeal towards Islam.
And that is also why our interest in Christianity is declining too

PS: Except for orphans, almost all of us know who our parents are. being born out of wedlock doesnt mean we don't know who our parents are, anymore than being in a male-dominated society like yours doesnt mean your men and women don't cheat on each other either.
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Jan 2015
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How convenient that you have so many friends from Kurnool. Sri Krishna Deva Raya must be the Hero of Hindus only, i doubt he is hero of Andhra Muslims.
KDR was battling unwelcome intruders into his realm. These intruders were muslims who were welcome as traders and even mercenaries and governers(under Rashtrakutas) but not to establish their rule as India is meant for rulers of Dharmic faiths not followers of foreign desert dogma such as islam or christianity. Therefore muslim citizens of India are to either accept him as a hero and make for Pakistan.

Andhra muslims are Telugu speakers and are patriotic unlike the treacherous Hyderabadi muslims.

Also it was not Pushtuns who conquered the region but were hired guns under Turkic sultans as usual who were given jagirs etc. These regions in particular were under the rule of Tamil and Telugu polygars. Neither muslim nor British could control them fully so they were left. These guys make your Pathans look like boy scouts in comparision.

No body cares about the legacy of these "rulers" as left nothing of lasting value unlike say Hyderabad or Delhi. These pathans are in the dustbin of Indian history much as afghanistan and pakistan are heading in dustbin of world history.
Jan 2015
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How unfortunate that this area was not consolidated by Pashtun's and had they not been thrown out of Punjab this entire region would have fallen under Pashtun rule to this day.

How unfortunate indeed! The wise governance of Pushtuns in Afghanistan and Pakistan is the envy of the developed world! Whether education, economy, GDP,religious tolerance, social cohesion and womens rights, these regions routinely beat out Scandinavia, Hong Kong, Germany and USA for standards of living. And hence these regions have to deal with illegal immigrants from Japan and South Korea coming there eking out an existence at the industrial conglomerates and world class research institutions. And to think some cheap Indian and CIA propagandists dismiss them as a pederast sodomites, drug smugglers and illiterate fundamentalists. Yes Punjab and Rajasthan totally lost out. But no use crying over spilt milk!