An Austro-Ottoman war sometime between 1815 and 1845


Ad Honoris
May 2014
What about if Austria will limit its annexation to northern Serbia? I mean, other than Belgrade, I'm not sure that Serbia had anything of value for Austria.
Apr 2018
I think that without an agree with Russia Austria would never had declared war to Ottomans. An eventually war would have been ended in a crushing defeat for Ottomans. Perhaps Serbia and Montenegro would have joined the Austrian in hope to gain lands, also Greece would have joined Austria if the war was declared after her indipendence, and also Egypt that wanted to expand in Syria. For the territorial gain of Austria depends also from the diplomacy, Uk and France didn't ant an excessive weakening of Ottomans and would have pressured Austria. If Austria would have insure only to occupy Bosnia this request would have been accepted.
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Oct 2016
I'm no expert but I would think that after fighting Napoleon A-H would find the turks pretty beatable.
I'd think they could have swept them out of non-Turkey Europe at least.
I wonder how many locals would see this as their chance to be free of the non-Christian rule and rise up in revolt.
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