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Jan 2019
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This is the link to download the plan of the famous BISMARCK :
Bismark [Halinski MM 2001-01-02] - 6 Февраля 2011 - "Модели из бумаги"
I watched the “battle of the giants” which culminated in the sinking of the Bismarck. Standing on the bridge of one of H.M. ships I saw H.M.S. Hood, for long the world’s biggest warship, go down only two or three hundred yards away with her guns still firing. This engagement between Greenland and Iceland was followed by a running fight lasting three days and four nights, which ended when the pride of the German fleet was sent to the bottom.
The end of the Hood was an almost unbelievable nightmare. Shortly after the engagement began shells hit the battle-cruiser. There was a bright sheet of flame and the ship blew up. Parts were thrown hundreds of feet into the air, and in a few minutes all that remained was a patch of smoke on the water and some small pieces of wreckage. The Prince of Wales was hit soon afterwards by a 15-inch shell but damage was slight.

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