An Interesting Coincidence of Names

Dec 2018
Orlando, FL, US
I once thought, "It is good that Austria and Australia are far apart; if they went to war, it would be confusing."

Then I mused, "Maybe they have been at war with one another." It turns out they have been, in World War I. Many Australian troops fought in Europe then, as of course did many Austrian troops. The former were allied with England and the latter with Germany.

Then I heard about something called Austrasia. Charlemagne was an emperor during the middle ages, of course. Turns out he came from a place called Austrasia, which territory is now NE France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and NW Germany.

So it is true with great certainty that Australians fought Austrians in the territory of the former Austrasia. That is obscure trivia.
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