An objective history of the State of Israel.

Jul 2019
New Jersey
That's wonderful! It's amazing to see the script. Prutahs from the first revolt are not too expensive, but Shekels and second revolt Zuzim are very hard to get.
My favourite acquisition is a Lamelech seal from Sukho - script is still legible, from the time of Hezekiah and Yeshayahu!
A fourth grade teacher of mine was a collector, and he used to show us his collection. He had a number of Bar Kochba coins, as I recall.
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Dec 2011
I think that in the UK when one mentions Israel one will find three reactions.
1. That of an absolute supporter of the state of Israel.
2. That of a person who knows nothing about Israel and doesn't want to.
3. That of a person who is critical of the way that Israel has become a state.
Obviously there will be various levels of support for each faction.
Rightly or wrongly I perceive Jewish history to be that which covers the period prior to 1947 and Israeli history following that period. Having said that obviously the latter can be perceived as an intimate element of Jewish history. I hope that is not confusing.
You can put me down in category 3, though I am not really critical of Israel becoming a state by UN decision of 1948, I am critical of Israel preventing the Palestinians having their state.

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