Ancient Chinese Characters

Jan 2008
What the hell were they written on? Lol. For example, Egyptians utilized Papyrus. I know that they used scrolls, but what were the scrolls made of? Also, how have the Chinese Characters morphed over time?
Sep 2009
In the begining, bones and turtle shells

Later on, silk scrolls (for the extremely rich) and bamboos

after that they invented paper, though sometimes people still use the bamboos for fun. (like this one was written by a 18th century Qing emperor for fun)

Sep 2006
Korea (but I'm American!)
The characters have morphed quite a lot over time. I can't even read ancient Chinese.
Sep 2009
considering the context that it was over some 4000 years, I think the change is relatively light, on the turtle shell there are still some pretty distinguishable chinese charactors (if you can read traditional chinese anyway, might be harder if you read simplified.) I can see at least 4 charactor that look almost exactly the same (morning, sun, spread, reward )
Jun 2009
I read in the newspaper that Taiwan submitted one kind of ancient Chinese Characters written on bones to the UN world heritage institute.
In China mainland people use simplified Chinese, but in Hongkong,Taiwan they still use traditional Chinese characters.

If you see videos of 2008 Olympic games ceremany, you can find in one section how chinese characters evolved.