Ancient Disasters and their affect on religion

Sep 2014
There are many mtn ranges in the world where you can find seashells. In Yoho Nat'l Park in British Columbia at an elevation of 7,500' reside the fossils of sea creatures 500 million yrs old. What's an easier story to believe? A worldwide flood which of course left sea creatures at high altitudes, or a cockamamy story of continental drift and geologic plates taking eons to force the bottom of the sea to the top of a mtn?

I'm totally onboard for commonality in myths explaining natural disasters ... or natural anythings on a grand scale.

....if you came upon a decent amount of sauropod spine, how would you explain it? Big snake? Dragon maybe?
when I first moved into my home I found shells everywhere. Flooding I thought. Nope fossils.

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