Ancient Horror Stories


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Jul 2017
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To add from ancient Egypt:

the Tale of the doomed Prince could at a pinch fit this category Ancient Egypt: the Mythology - The Doomed Prince

Khonsuemheb and the Ghost does fit this category Khonsuemheb and the Ghost - Wikipedia

Given their beliefs in magic and what, to them, occurred in the tomb after it was sealed, I'm sure there was quite some scope for scary tales, but not much survives. In a sense, everyday life was a ghost story as they thought that the dead were walking around invisibly.
Apr 2018
2. ( Points of 'shock/horror marked * )

The formation of the star patter that we know as Scorpius

There was this young boy and he had a much older very cheeky girlfriend - big trouble . It came time for the boys initiation and the old men came and told the girl to go away - keep away, not for you, its the Law. So the Men took the boy and some others to their special place but the bad girl , she followed them hiding in the bushes * . During the part of the ceremony where the men did the circumcision, the girl watched from the bushes * . Then when they left and finally the boys fell asleep in the circle, the girl crept into the
men's initiation ground * and went into the circle *** ! She woke the boy up and said 'Show me what they did to you down there ". **!! The boy said "No, go away, get out, this is againt the Law, we will be punished bad. "

But the girl pulled his hands away and looked at the boys new circumcision * and when she saw it , she wanted to have sex with him *** right there in the boys initiation circle *********** !!! So she forced him to do it, but the boy cried out in pain and his scream awakened the elders who rushed to the circle. The girl saw them coming and tried to disengage with the boy, but due to his recent injury and the pain of having sex, now his member has swelled up and they are stuck together .

(now I will leave out the * ! as by now they are just about continual and people would be very uncomfortable, holding hands over ears , etc . - a bit like some hold their hands over their eyes in a modern horror movie )

So The girl lifted the boy up and the boy held on with his legs around her hips and his arms around her neck and they ran off, stuck together, across the desert with the three guardians after them . She ran to the end of the land where the sky meets the land and ran on up into the sky. The guardians chased them and threw throwing stick and boomerang at them and .....

(at this point in the story , like so many of their stories ; 'freeze frame ' - the story then 'solidifies' in land or star scape, and the person points at it, in this case the stars of Scorpio )

.. there they are ! The first two stars there - thats the boy and girl together, the next two coming after them are throwing stick and boomerang, the last two are the guardians chasing them . "

Where did you get this? :rolleyes::rolleyes::oops:

And which civilization did this originate from?


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Jan 2017
Procrustes bed , he invited pilgrim guests to lie on his bed , if they were too long he would chop the bits sticking out
if to short he would stretch the poor fellows until it fitted
he was killed by Theseus to general rejoicing