Ancient/Modern Germany could never conquer Carthage

Oct 2017
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First of all, Rome at the time of the Carthaginian wars was basically exactly the situation revolving around the breadth of modern control by Germany over various regions of Europe, that is to say it was very extreme.

The going around and punishing random countries like Greece or whoever reflects the age old tendency to attribute weaknesses in the whole plan to various other groups instead of the one that really did in Ancient Germany (a combination of ancient Northern Europe and Rome)

As reported it's a loss for Carthage, but not before Carthage kills a half million Roman/German confederates as well as another half million in the second punic war.

In modern terminology it's essentially a German/Roman holocaust, as these numbers as a percentage of modern populations is something to the order of 30-40 million people today as a percentage of the population.

The savagery of that whole era is misinterpreted because people don't know where to look, they go, oh ancient societies ok Egypt ok Greece whoa maybe Iberia and they fail to recognize that the Punic Wars were simply the giant hammer smashing world war of the antiquity.

It's where Neo-Nazis, armchair military historians, and various types continue to flub which is the essential fact that the Punic Wars were literally just a strategic victory for Ancient societies, period.

Only when German/Rome radically revised and bolted itself to crippling reforms that were Pro-Italian Rome and that essentially laid the seeds for German/Romes complete dissolution in the 500 ADs.

On a tactical level, German/Rome made the mistake of assuming the city of Carthage contained more than a handful of true Carthaginians, the rest having more or less consented to the new Rome's existence, and mercilessly slaughtered a bunch of women/children and farmers from the nearby regions.

This, for the sake of putting a nice "victory cap" on their heads, and striving after the thing they still believe they need today, which is the ability to abuse anyone with impunity, when in reality the thing they really need is the ability to own land.

This is proved by Charlemagne and the fact that even the Saxons were willing to join a German confederation and lay down their weapons because the promise of land reverted them from paganism.

But this was before then, when conflicts were decided purely on the basis of large battles, and German/Rome confederation lost.

Moreover, these were Germans of exactly the same stock as Germany today, that is to say, they were essentially the same disposition and temperament, and like the ones that fought in WW2.


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Jun 2014
I am not sure if I am following your OP. Are you alleging that modern germany would not have been able to conquer ancient Carthage or just the ancient Germanic tribes?


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Feb 2010
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This is a kind of arcane/messy post.

Are you comparing the Roman Republic fighting of 217-209 BC to Nazi Germany 1939-1945?

A more appropiate comparation might could be the US (Carthage) vs USSR (Rome) in 1960 with no nukes.
Nov 2017
It is a fact that a Germanic tribe, the Vandals, conquered North Africa in the 5th century. How different was the population of what was once Carthage in the 5th century?
Should be pointed out that Germanics weren't all that big at the time of the Punic Wars. It's the reason why they weren't noticed, only the Celts, and Celts definitely have a good chance of conquering Carthage. Heck, they were among the main forces of the Carthaginians and one of the main reasons why they lost the Second and Third Punic Wars since they were putting down Celtic and Berber rebellions at the same time that they were fighting the Romans (who didn't have that much problem due to the greater political and economic affinity with the neighbouring Latins and Greeks).

The Germanics only really become a considerable force until the time of the Teutons, who are actually arguably far more Celtic than Germanic. So it's really not until the time of Tacitus that Germanics start becoming these imposing "barbarians".

Edric Streona

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Feb 2016
I quite agree the ancient Germans would not have been able to conquer Carthage.
But I think a single Division of Wehrmacht (or any 1914-45 period army)would be enough to invade and take out any ancient civilisation.
Feb 2011
Poor Germans. Cultural Learnings of Carthage could not make benefit for glorious nation of Germania.