Ancient structures in modern Ethiopia/Eritrea

Mar 2012
I am looking at ancient structures from Aksum, Dm't, Adulis, etc. I am hoping that we can add a few on this thread. By ancient, I mean roughly the traditional date of 5th century AD and eariler, so whereas I am aware of the churches of Lalibela, Gondar castle, etc. they are not really what I am looking for.

Please add if you can.

The Yeha temple of the moon in the Tigray region, possibly the capital of D'mt. The oldest building in the region, it could be as old as 700 B.C.


The 79 ft. Tall Obelisk of Axum, possibly 4th century AD


And, the Stellae park with other great stellae:


The 18 ft Hawulti Stele in Matara, possibly early fourth century AD

The ancient city of Qohaito, with its stone pillars, possibly first century AD

The foundations of a 5th century bascillica in Adulis


Palace remains in Durgur, possibly as old as fourth century. Locally rumored to be built for the Queen of Sheba, archaeologists believe that it was merely for a noble, meaning good stone buildings were probably quite common:



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