Andrew Johnson (1808-1875)


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We are talking about the same period of time where Southerners were staging coups against Republican governments in the South and massacres and the government wasn't really intervening. They wouldn't have given up schools with any less of a fight.
Yes, I am tempted to agree with this. However, as I wrote above, Southerners are likely to use legal means as well as extralegal means to challenge school integration in the 1870s and 1880s.

As for the rest, my argument is not that Southerners would have been less "obstinate", it's that someone other than Andrew Johnson would likely not have encouraged violence by leniency and also would have responded more forcefully to violence that did occur, which can be a powerful deterrent. Compare Eisenhower throwing the military into desegregating Little Rock with the response to the Kennedys temporizing with the authorities during the Freedom Rides, the former went a lot more smoothly.
Completely agreed with this. That said, though, what are the odds that you'll have a consistent chain of U.S. Presidents who will aggressively respond to rights violations and abuses of Blacks in the South in the late 19th century?
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The real question is, who would have been the best person to do Reconstruction? Given that Lincoln is still assassinated, who should he have picked as his Vice President to start the process? In other words, who should be the Johnson to his Kennedy?
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