Anglo-American trade union post Brexit?

Oct 2013
And have similar interests, than it was the case in the EU where basically richer countries were financing the poorer ones in return for geopolitical gains.
That was the least of the problems UK had with EU, and had UK obtained what it wanted, it would have continued to "finance the poorer" more than gladly.
Oct 2013
..after Donald Tusk's statement '..short delay is possible if MPs back deal' the only options left are 'the deal' or 'no deal'. I didn't expect this to happen.
Well, let's put it this way: we two split, after loong talks we came to an agreement on how to split and then I come with "not sure"/"let's change a bit just"/"let's re-talk"/"I need a bit more time"/"etc".

I suppose You'll say: "listen deaf, I'll give You a bit of time to think about, but do decide if You agree with what we agreed or say just no, and let's get over it".

Am I wrong?


Ad Honorem
Sep 2013
I always thought that Brits had a plan that after Brexit they would create an Anglo-american trade union similar to that of MERCOSUR. The union could look something like this:

View attachment 16454

Additionally, it could include some Commonwealth countries, but this would be the essence of it. Such union, in my opinion would be more viable than any other trade union out there and it would be a great competition economically to the EU or China. If a union like this starts to form after the UK leaves the EU, Brexit would make sense.
A Plan? If only we’d been able to agree on one.

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