Anglo-Saxons descendants of Israel.

Jan 2018
Grozny, Russia
Anglo-Saxons – lineal descendants of one of the people which followed Moses. Genetics discovered the Chechens and the Germans common Northern German mitochondrial DNA, that is maternal (see Yavus Akhmadovs statement in a round table of “RIA News” in Moscow).
Patrilineal the Chechens and the Ingush have Y DNA of haplogroup J2a, which in major of Cohens, descendant of Aaron, brother of Moses. The grandfather and his grandson from daughter will not have the same Y or Mt DNA, because these lines either only patrilineal or only matrilineal. Y DNA or Mitochondrial DNA are not betrays Anglo-Saxons as descendants of Israel, but they are their lineal descendants, as in the example of grandfather and his grandchildren by his daughter.
Middle Eastern Cohens Y DNA J2a of Gargareans-Chechen in the Caucasus moved to Northern German Mt DNA of Amazons. The historians well know that the Amazons were in alliance with Gargareans in Caucasus and in the three years bring back sons to their fathers. (as it written by Strabon)
Later Amazons have turned to patriarchy and the part of them with Sarmatians moved to Europe.
In the eddas of Vikings (descendants of Amazons!) is not random they pointing to Caucasus as their homeland.
Dr. A. Vagapov found over 5 thousand Chechen words in Old English language. Marcus Aurelius also resettled the Sarmatians - emigrants from Caucasus, to the Britain. Thousands of Chechen words in contemporary Europeans languages are not coincidental. Such known names as Lars, Akka, Utt, Buri, Hattuary, Angus, Van, Sassannach and others links Southwest Asia and Western Europe since ancient times of first civilizations.
Albert Machigov.

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