Another name for humans?


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Dec 2015
"Mankind" is considered sexist and "humankind" is often used.
"People" is a potential world; then, "peoplekind" is a truly awkward sounding word that most would refuse using.
Life After People depicts a world after the extinction of the current Homo genus.
The term "People" can mean humanity already.
Sapiens? What if future humans evolve to be another species? The book Sapiens uses the term "sapiens" to mean current humans.
What would be the most inclusive general term for humanity?
What is the problem with the word "sapiens"?

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Sep 2012
Homo sapiens means literally wise man. Homo is a latin word with meaning 'man'. Dont know why 'these' chose to name our spieces 'sapiens' only, most probably because in the their eyes 'homo' part excludes huge part of the human population, ergo it is politically incorrect. By the way in latin (homo) sapiens is singular, the plural should be (homines) sapientes.
Nov 2018
In the mid-seventies, the Equality Council in Denmark decided that job ads should be gender neutral.

Therefore, if a master builder sought a bricklayer, he should write bricklayer m / w in the ad.

This injunction got the worst up in the Danes or perhaps the best? it was ridiculed and many jokes were made, so finally the injunction died a silent death.

There were suggestions that, for example, a chairman, should be a chairperson or a chairvoman if it was a woman who had the job, but this was also a laughing matter

So nowadays, if a person has to write a job title, a midwife may well be a man and a binman a woman.

In Danish the word for human beings is mennesker, it comes from the Old Norse word menskr, which means man.

It doesn't bother me, even as a woman, I cannot see anything degrading in being defined as a man. ;)

But the political correctness is also on the rise here in Denmark and the new generations have no sense of humor, so maybe it's just a matter of time before it gets changed.
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Feb 2019
I am by no means a specialist on this but Homo Sapiens is a term for the present type of human, translating to ''Wise Man'' as mentioned above.
Homo Erectus (Upright Man.) and all the other predecessors to modern humans are still considered to be some form of an early ''human'' (Homo.) species.
If the Homo Sapiens species evolves into something else or into some other type of an advanced human then a distinction will probably be made in such a scenario but we can't know when or how will that happen. (Implying it ever happens in such a way.) There will probably be a new term for this hypothetical advanced species.
The most inclusive term for all human species is the prefix Homo, I see nothing wrong with this personally and I don't see the need to change it.

"Mankind" is considered sexist and "humankind" is often used.
"People" is a potential world; then, "peoplekind" is a truly awkward sounding word that most would refuse using.
I pray that this is some form of satire or a misunderstood joke. However due to the rest of the post being serious I'm afraid this is not the case.

I've almost never heard someone use ''peoplekind'' or ''humankind'' unironically (Except for Trudeau.) or because the term ''mankind'' is apparently sexist. If there is a problem of the established and old terms of Homo, Homo Sapiens or Mankind being problematic because they don't follow the modern ideas of political correctness then I don't have much of a comment on that.

I think the present terms are good as they are now, if you want another name for humans just for the sake of having another name then there are Naked Apes, ''people''( Depending on the context.) and even peoplekind if you care about political correctness that much.
I apologise if some of this sounded strong-worded or rude but I do not like the idea of the terms changing because of some ''inclusive, politically correct'' culture.


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i believe the name of our species is Homo Sapiens Sapiens.
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