Another "What if" Question: What if Antigonus had won the battle of Ipsus?

Sep 2018
Edmond, Ok USA
This battle continues to intrigue me.
The Antigonid dynasty seems to have been on its way of establishing itself and solidifying Alexander's Empire. However, this battle destroyed that path. And though the dynasty continued to exist in Macedonia under Demetrius I, I wonder if western/Greek influence would have been more prominent under the Antigonid dynasty for another couple hundred years.

I can almost imagine Antigonus still screaming on the battlefield, "Where are you, my son!"

Another note. Is the battle of Ipsus the most effective use of war elephants? Have they been used or noted as pivotal in other battles? Not from my experience. It seems, most generals, hurl the elephants at the start of the battle, hoping to draw terror from within the ranks of the enemy. Most cases it seems to fail miserably.

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