"Anti-Soviet book/film" blamed for putative war!!!!

Apr 2017
United Kingdom
Sometimes you read things in the left wing press that make you howl with laughter(or want to cry), case in point a letter published in today's(Sept 30. 2017) edition of the Morning Star( paper of the Communist Party Of Great Britain) entitled "anti-Soviet book is pouring fire on Ukraine conflict" by one Robert Williamson.
In it Mr Williamson complained not just about a recent film about the Ukrainian Holodomor(forced collectivization of the 1930s) "Bitter Harvest" but the publication of a book on the same topic "Red Famine: Stalin's War With Ukraine" and claims that it might "lead to a war(presumably not just between Ukraine and the Russian Federation but between NATO and the RF)
Leaving aside the fact that the USSR has been defunct for 25 years or more, so whether "Red Famine"(by Anne Applebaum, authoress of "Gulag") is indeed "anti-Soviet" is a non sequitur(neither here or there in plain English)
Despite Abraham Lincoln's apocryphal joke to Mary Beecher Stowe( authoress of "Uncle Tom's Cabin") that "so you're the little lady whose book started this great war!",I very much DOUBT if the simple publication of a book or of a film for that matter( whether both are either some kind of conspiracy is neither here or there- I personally tend to the "cock-up" rather "conspiracy" school of life) could cause a war to start.
Also Mr Williamson alludes to the democratic decision to return Crimea to Russia( IF Mr Williamson seriously believes that the plebiscite/referendum that "returned" Crimea to Russia was either free, fair or democratic, then he has a rather ODD concept of the term- Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have BOTH condemned it, but of course they can be dismissed by "useful idiots" of Mr Wilkinson's ilk as stooges of the West or its intelligence services(CIA, MI6/SIS).
In ALL the works about the "Holodomor" I have read such as the late Robert Conquest's "Harvest of Sorrow: Soviet Collectivization And The Terror Famine"), none has seriously questioned the view that Stalin and his aides were at least partially to blame. Viktor Kravchenko(who participated in the collectivization drive in the late 1920s and early 30s before ultimately defecting to the West in 1944, recalled in his autobiography "I Chose Freedom: The Personal And Political Life Of A Soviet Official" ("Scribner's 1946) an incident in which Vyacheslav Molotov, later to become Stalin's Foreign Minister called him and his fellow activists in and scolded them for half heartedness in taking grain from the "kulaks"- in the vent of a foreign invasion or war, they might side with the enemy in order to protect their property. Also, when Stalin was informed of the famine in Ukraine, he replied coldly to the official in question, "You are trying to frighten us with talk of a famine in Ukraine but it won't work- wouldn;t it be best for you to leave your post as party secretary and join the Writers Union? That way you can write your fables about famines and fools will read them!".
All in all, I find it depressing that even NOWADAYS certain leftists seem unwilling to see the Soviet Union for what it was!

To Mr Williamson's implicit suggestion that films and books should be suppressed due to their political(ie "anti-Soviet") content, I would remind him of the late Dwight Eisenhower's remarks at a sadly overlooked commencement address at Dartmouth College in 1954 cautioning against joining "the book burners and book banners"( I am NO great fan of "Ike's"- his ambiguous attitude to civil rights for African Americans and to mcCarthyism but on this issue he is quite right!).