Anti-Turkish movement by a Japanese nationalist organization in Austria

Dec 2018
There is an anti-Turkish group in Austria run by some Japanese nationalist organization that has been well-known recently on Quora. It was discussed here and here. This group is founded by some Japanese living in Austria called Tanaka Takashi who created the website JapaneseSentry . The main ideology of this group is anti-Korean, anti-Turkish , anti-Altaic. Not sure if anybody notices this organization ?


I have done a throughout investigation of this group. Visit my investigation blog for more details if you are interested in it.
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May 2017
So it's an "organization" that exists only on a wix site and a twitter account with 442 followers..

Why you're even trying to put them into anyone's attention is beyond me.


Ad Honoris
Aug 2010
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Yes, we must all get together to fight against the Altaic lie!

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