Any biographies or histories on Georgian Mediaeval History?

Sep 2017
Hey, new to the forum here, hoping some of you wise history buffs can help me out.

I have read a ton of fantastic original translations of accounts, biographies, general histories, etc on the crusades or medieval Byzantium. There is so much to read on the subject. Unfortunately, I find it nearly impossible to find books easily obtainable on Georgian Medieval history from the same time, or biographies of great people from Georgia, especially King George IV.

Any books out there you guys and girls have read?
Apr 2016
I recommend "The Making of the Georgian Nation" by Ronald Grigor Suny. There is another book, but it talked about the Caucasus and those countries that are in the area. Recently, a book on the Bagrationi Dynasty that has become a point of controversy.
Jun 2013
edge of empires by rayfield provides a general overview of georgian history including the mediaeval period. it also has genealogies of the kings