Any details on exactly why Buckingham rebelled against Richard iii

Nov 2019
Most sources state that he rebelled during the late summer of 1483.But nobody addresses the reasons for this in great depth.The speculative reasons I have heard are as follows:
  1. Richard III refused grant of Bohun inheritance but Alison Weir posits that Richard had given approval for this in July and they were awaiting Parliament’s approval.
  2. He discovered that Richard had ordered the princes in the tower killed and this was a step too far for Buckingham.Supporting Richard III now meant being morally complicit in this horrible crime.
  3. The bishop of Ely ,Morton ,was in Buckingham’s custody after the
    ‘plot’ of June 13th that resulted in Hastings’ execution and had tried to convince Buckingham that he was an even better candidate for kingship than Richard III
Any other speculations that I might have missed out on?

To me this is one of the bigger sub-mysteries of the whole Princes in the Tower saga and I am always surprised as to why the reasons for this rebellion are not more talked about.

On the face of it,Buckingham seems to have been number 2 in the kingdom after the king and would not have been able to do better under Tudor.


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Jul 2011
If the rebellion had been successful, is it clear that Henry Tudor would have been king rather than Buckingham? Did Henry have a better claim?

Lord Fairfax

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Jan 2015
Changing trains at Terrapin Station...
Yes I've wondered about that too, it seems like he was coordinating with Henry, who's ships made for England but sailed off after learning of Buckingham's demise