Any examples of British Royal Family carriages engineered by non-UK/Commonwealth engineers?

Jun 2017
Were all carriages adopted by the British Royal Family designed by engineers who were subjects of either the UK or the Commonwealth? For example, has there been a carriages designed by, say, a French or Italian engineer while living in the UK? Or more interesting , designed in their home nation under contract of the Family? I inquire of carriages through history, of ones likely stored at a UK Royal mew or stable.


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Apr 2017
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Either the UK or another nation that recognizes the British monarch as head of state. I can't say for certain that England/Britain would not have another kingdom or a republic building their royal carriages . It's very much a symbol of the Monarchy so I seriously doubt they would.

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Dec 2010
The Irish state coach was built in Dublin in Victoria’s reign and the Australian and Diamond Jubilee state coaches were built in Australia.
But no, it seems coach building for the British monarchy is a British and commonwealth affair.