Any good animations or games based in pre-colonial africa?

Oct 2015
Florida, USA
I'll be watching more of Black Archaeologist to see how the rest are, yes, his approach is different I suppose. This is all so new to me.

Yours was really excellent. I was really impressed. I know the kids in my family will love it. I liked & subscribed but could not find your FB page.

I came across some others you can check out.

AFROGAMES Burkina Animated

Bino and Fino DVD 1 : African Educational Family Cartoon Fun

Zimbabwe Animated
Thanks for the links. I've watched a fair amount of African animations on YouTube and unfortunately most of them focus on the "tribal" or wildlife aspect of Africa and the few that don't are either modern or heavily whitewashed (ie: warriors have claymores and European plate armor). I'll make sure to check out the links that you've provided. Also I'm glad you enjoyed my animation. I know that the story didn't offer much depth but it will pick up in the second and third episodes so stay tuned :D. Here is my Facebook page:
Oct 2015
Florida, USA
Prince of Egypt, Ten Commandments, Cleopatra, Gods and Kings.

There are more out there then one would suspect. For the record Egypt is Africa to. And there was no systematic erasing of African culture. From the pyramids of Egypt and Axom, to the great Library of Timbuktu, Africa has a rich history that is still revered and being studied to this day.
I am well aware of Mali's history and will be utilizing lots of it's rich lore from the 1000 boat fleet of Abu Bakhr II to the great libraries and the rich gold wealth of King Mansa Musa. Egypt however I find that too many black people crutch on it for history. I find it insulting that people are so quick to turn to Egypt when trying to legitimize our history even though West Africa (which is where or ancestors come from) was absolutely saturated with rich, powerful, kingdoms that impressed all visitors since ancient times.

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