Any movies about John Brown?


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If I was around in the 1840-60's I would also support the Underground Railroad. I would support buying land for free slaves. I would support the defending of former slaves from people attempting to force them back into slavery. If those views make me a terrorist then my question is why aren't you one too? Which one would you choose.. taking up arms to defend human rights, or to take up arms to support slavery? Or would you just sit back in your home and talk about the problem and let others deal with it?
Maybe he was crazy. Maybe not. Maybe he was a freedom fighter.
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I'm convinced there will never be a movie made about John Brown despite the fascinating subject of a person who wanted to start a slave rebellion.
He was a religious fundamentalist who hated slavery and wanted to end it at any cost. I can think of many reasons why Hollywood would want nothing to do with this story. If Mel Gibson still had a lot of power in the movie industry, I could see him taking an interest.
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i remember reading that Quentin Tarantino wanted to make and star in a biopic of John Brown.

Hope he does, one of the early heroes of American history who needs to be celebrated on film

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I think everybody veiws John Brown as a crazy madman. Even the blacks. Though I must admit there has been artwork and i think songs about him. I litterally spit on the picture of him kissing some slaves child. He was rightfully hanged.
He was rightfully hanged for his treasonous activities which made a Civil War in the United States more probable and thus increased the probability that thousands of Americans would be killed. Though he should have been hanged for treason against the United States instead of treason against Virginia that soon afterwards committed treason against the USA. But it should be acknowledged that John Brown's evil activities were in pursuit of a noble goal and that everyone who was not an abolitionist or at least a free soiler had the evil goal of permitting slavery to continue.

John Brown has a big role in the movie Santa Fe Trail (1940) were he is portrayed as an evil villain who uses evil methods to strive toward evil goals, instead of as an evil villain who used evil methods to fight against the evils of slavery.
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