Any records of significant radiation event?

Mar 2017
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Good evening, peoples! (evening for me anyway) :)

I have been working on something not really related to history but it brought me to this. I have been working on a Cosmology model for the universe built on the concept of an absolute quantum space/time geometry. model brought me to a glaring problem: at some point in time, either in the past or in the future, an absolutely tremendous swathe of radiation would hit us on earth (if there was an earth). Originally, I thought it would be in the future. But then I found, by calculation, that it was in the PAST. I came up with two different exact dates, depending on how we "age" the universe.

If we "age" the universe the traditional way we do (13.8 billion years old), the date of the HEAVILY significant radiation event would have been
1398 AD. (plus or minus, say, a hundred years)

If we "age" the universe using Hubble's constant (by my quantum model), this event would have happened
414 BC. (plus or minus, say, a hundred years)

If my model is correct, then at one of these two dates, the whole earth was literally ZAPPED by gamma-rays and beyond. This event, however, would have happened instantaneously.

Is there ANY evidence from, say, Byzantine records, or from, say, Persian records that anything like this would have happened?


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Oct 2012
There was no round of mass extinctions during that time, and nothing as far as I'm aware in historical records from those years that might indicate a significant radiation event.

Much father back in the past however the Earth may have been bombarded by a gamma ray burst that wiped out most forms of life.

The Ordovician–Silurian extinction events, when combined, are the second-largest of the five major extinction events in Earth's history in terms of percentage of genera that became extinct. This event greatly affected marine communities, which caused the disappearance of one third of all brachiopod and bryozoan families, as well as numerous groups of conodonts, trilobites, and graptolites.[1] Ordovician-Silurian extinction occurred during the Hirnantian Age of the Ordovician Period and the subsequent Rhuddanian Age of the Silurian Period.[2] The last event is dated in the interval of 455– 430 Ma ago, i.e., lasting from the Middle Ordovician to Early Silurian, thus, including the extinction period.[3] This event was the first of the big five Phanerozoic events and was the first to significantly affect animal-based communities.[4]

Almost all major taxonomic groups were affected during this extinction event. Extinction was global during this period, eliminating 49-60% of marine genera and nearly 85% of marine species.
A small minority of scientists have suggested that the initial extinctions could have been caused by a gamma ray burst originating from a hypernova within 6,000 light years of Earth (in a nearby arm of the Milky Way Galaxy). A ten-second burst would have stripped the Earth's atmosphere of half of its ozone almost immediately, exposing surface-dwelling organisms, including those responsible for planetary photosynthesis, to high levels of ultraviolet radiation.[7][15][16][17] Although the hypothesis is consistent with patterns at the onset of extinction, there is no unambiguous evidence that such a nearby gamma ray burst ever happened.
Ordovician-Silurian extinction - Gamma Ray Burst Hypothesis

Perhaps the link below might be of some use, or provide a contact who could help?

9,400 years of cosmic radiation and solar activity from ice cores and tree rings
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Mar 2017
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Thank you, Scaeva. I know I might already sound like a kook and I certainly don't want to give that impression, but I'm afraid, at the expense of my own embarrassment, that I must lay down some things that my model predicts:

1. Within the Event Horizon surrounding the earth, stars generally get older the further out we look into the sky. Anything right at the event horizon is quite literally frozen in time.
2. Past this Event Horizon, the time dilation factor due to relativity begins to shrink: The stars start getting "newer again". I.e. if a star 2*10^25 meters away is "yea old", then a star 3*10^25 meters away is "less than yea old". NOTE: not the real numbers.
3. Evenutally, if you look further out enough you will be able to see a star (if a star exists in this region) that shares the EXACT SAME Inertial Frame of Reference as we do (except rotated by a 90 degree angle). I have labelled this the Twin Horizon. In fact, my math showed that such stars and galaxies are even NOW visible. Look through a telescope at the surface of some planet that is on the Twin Horizon, and you are watching it in REAL time.
4. Past the Twin Horizon and that telescope is telling you about that planet's FUTURE.

The problem is what happens at the Twin Horizon. Photons encode information. If an ordered group of photons 1,2,3,4 left some point within the Event Horizon toward the earth, those photons would be received by us in the same order 1,2,3,4 except coming from the past and spaced apart more (time is "dilating"). Past the TWIN Horizon, those photons would come toward us in the opposite ORDER 4,3,2,1 but would be coming FROM the future. AT the Twin Horizon, they are jumbled up randomly and hit us all at the same time when they do hit us. In other words, an enormous swathe of very hot radiation instantaneously.

I could definitely be wrong on the dates. After all, a whole bunch of really large numbers and a whole bunch of really small numbers went into deriving those dates. Possibly the margin of error could be in the billions of years. I was surprised, however, how close in time to NOW these dates are, relatively speaking of course.

Nevertheless, none of this is from a Supernovae or anything like that. Nothing "caused" this radiation. Hubble's Constant caused it.

Anyway, sorry to bore you guys with all this. It's all very interesting to me. The problem is, rad levels are generally a function of both the energy AND the time elapsed over the radiation exposure. With zero time, I don't know what to make of this. I therefore doubt that this radiation would have many chronic effects for life on the planet. But on an acute level, some people at the wrong place and the wrong time might have received a lethal zap.
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Perhaps this is it right here:

Zechariah 14:12 (@ 500 BC)

"And this shall be the plague wherewith the LORD will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth."

It's all conjecture, of course, I guess. :eek: