Anyone into historical action figures?

Sep 2012
Actions figures and collectables not so much, but historical miniatures and wargaming is something I flirt with on occasion. If I can build, paint and play with them, that's a lot better in my mind than something pretty that's just going to sit on the shelf.
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May 2009
Update: I'm very happy with my Sung dynasty infantryman. Although he looks a little too much like Johnny Depp for my tastes. He came with a second head, but I don't know if I want to go yanking stuff off. Sometimes they don't go back on. These kinds of figures are fragile. The armor is plastic (as opposed to the metal scales some figures have), but I can overlook it. I already had the crossbow from another figure so I gave him all the weapons.


Dan Howard

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Aug 2014
I'm not really into collecting mass-produced stuff. Most of my collection I've made myself. I used to make reconstructions of historical weapons and armour but I'm running out of space. So I've switched to making miniatures. It takes up a lot less display space and it lets me use up all of the leftover materials from my full-sized projects so it is a very cheap hobby. I've found that 1:6 scale is best. IMO a good miniature is one in which the audience can't tell the difference between the miniature and the real thing. Anything smaller than 1:6 scale doesn't have the level of detail required for such an illusion. My main project right now is a blacksmith's workshop.
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