anyone know anything about Aztec, Incan, Iroquis etc batte tech

Feb 2007
Anyone know anything about meso american battle tech? Like the various weapons used by the aztecs, incans, iroquis, cherokee, or apaches during their time. I saw a little of it in that movie "The Last of the Mohicans" and the weapons look peculiar.


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Jul 2006
Until the Europeans arrived all weapons were made of stone. The Aztecs had wooden swords with flint edges and Indians used tomahawks with blades carved from stone and sometimes incorporating a pipe bowl, giving it the function of tool, weapon and pipe (these were later made of metal).
Bows and throwing spears were used, i think slings were as well. In some places pebbles were tied together and thrown by hunters to bring down game.
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Feb 2007
Actually I heard on the history channel that the natives got the idea for the tomahawk from the french when they arrived here bringing along the Frankish Francisca used by the ancient franks


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Aug 2006
The Natives also used a tool/weapon caled the Atalatal (spelling?) basically, this was a sheathed spear that was used almsot in a javelin method, but was in fact much like David's slingshot in its use, it was thrown forward rather then spun though.
Dec 2007
London, England.
You mean the Atlatl, it increased the distance and velocity the spear could be thrown.