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No the British declared war on the 28th October. The Turks did not make their own declaration until Nov 11th a week after elements of the British navy began bombardment of Turkish forts in the Dardanelles
You distort facts to make it seem like the British were the aggressors.

The Black Sea Raid was an Ottoman naval sortie against Russian ports in the Black Sea on 29 October 1914, supported by Germany, that led to the Ottoman entry into World War I. The attack was conceived by Ottoman War Minister Enver Pasha, German Admiral Wilhelm Souchon and the German foreign ministry.

The German government had been hoping that the Ottomans would enter the war to support them but the government in Istanbul was undecided. The Germanophile Ottoman War Minister, Enver Pasha, began conspiring with the German ambassador to bring the empire into the war. Attempts to secure widespread support in the government failed, so Enver decided conflict would have to be instigated. With the help of the Ottoman naval minister and German Admiral Wilhelm Souchon, Enver arranged for the Ottoman fleet to go out to sea on 29 October supposedly to perform maneuvers. They were to provoke Russian vessels into opening fire and then accuse them of inciting war. Instead, Souchon raided the Russian coast in a flagrant display of hostility, causing little lasting damage but enraging the Russians.

Attempts by anti-war officials in Istanbul to apologise for the incident were botched by Enver. The British quickly retaliated with naval attacks in the Dardanelles, and the Russians declared war on 2 November, followed by the British and the French three days later. The Ottomans did not officially declare war until 11 November.
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Nobody says these events are glorious, but that they show the spirit and bravery of the young men involved, and are worthy of honouring for their memory.

Pugsville just said that and I was responding to it .

Its not that I dont honor vets ... I do ! And I got mates that are vets .... I just be dissin the Anzac thing.

I would rather see energy going into helping the vets that are still alive ... the ones that got spat on by their own people when they came home from Vietnam ... and the ones that did the business in Timor (that no one knows about ! ) while flags being waved for what happened at Gallipoli .
May 2017
The general Gouraud had prepared the liberation of Constantinople,in collaboration with the navy.It consisted in a massive attack of the infantry by the west after an extraordinary preparation of heavy artillery.And in the purpose to give a definitive lesson to the Turkish army,the retreat towards the east would have been cut by the heavy marine s artillery;the others boats had to mission to destroy any Turkish s tentative to rescue the troops of "Istambul" by an attack organized from the east.
It was refused for credit s considérations….As the government found the crédits for the olympic games of Paris,Gouraud decided to leave the army.
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