Apartheid Policies 1960-1984

Dec 2018
Edinburgh, united kingdom
Can anyone help me, I am trying to do research into some of the main factors for the changing of policies of the South African apartheid. I realise the likes of Sharpeville and Soweto would have turned the general public away from apartheid however, was there any direct government reaction? what other events and factors had an impact? how did the government react to the ANC other than banning them? thanks for there help
Jan 2019
‘The ultimate objective of Apartheid is to implement ‘separate and parallel’ Bantu states, for complete self-goverment, after a period of transition. It will be a dual commonwealth in which the Bantustans will be constituent units. Self government is to be developed on the basis of tribal traditions, the objective being full democracy, but in the form most readily assimilated by the African…’ – Clarence B. Randall, advisor to President Kennedy, Counter-Memorial filed by Gov. of the Rep. of S. Africa (Books I-IV), p.494; International Court of Justice (www.icj-cij.org)