Appeal for any historical events regarding women influencing society/culture more than an invading/conquering group.

May 2019
Richardson, Texas
A while back I remember hearing an account of an invading army conquering a group of people and adding them to the society of their homeland, killing most/all of the men and taking the women. The story went that the women of the conquered group raised the children they bore in the traditions of their homeland instead of the foreign society into which they had been thrust. Thus within a generation or two, the conquered became the conquerors.

I don't know if I'm just crazy, or if there is actually a well known event in history that follows this general outline and I'm just blanking on it.
Do any of you know of this or any other event similar?

I'm looking for anything in this same vein of event - something that illustrates the power of those that raise the children and instill in them culture.

Any help/leads to where I could even start finding some sources to study would be great!



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Aug 2016
In the immediate post-Roman period, when there were pagan or heretical barbarians living alongside of Christian Romans, the Church would often encourage marriages between Christian women and pagan husbands in the hope that the women would convert the husbands or at least raise the children in the Church. Perhaps the most famous example was Chlotilde's marriage to the Frankish King Clovis. Another example was the Frankish Princess Bertha's marriage to Aethelbert of Kent, who would become the first Christian king among the Anglo-Saxons.
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