Architecture of Ancient India

a rider sitting at the back of the elephant in a canopy which resembles ‘’bengali do chala roof top, it is debated that do chala became popular in india only after mughal periods, but the evidence of such a roof top being used as a tent shows a much earlier wide spread recognition of bengali do chala roof top.
1814 AD water colour painting of patna

same roof top design has been shown in the bullock carts of eastern india, the finial raised triangular roof top has been missing though
red lacquered wood, i think this is one feature which might have been pretty prevalent in ancient indian architecture specially more than fifteen hundred years ago/pre gupta period even later when the architecture would have been wood based.

friday mosque, male, maldives



1554609733586.png 1554609781601.png


i dont know whether they picked up from the chinese because chinese were also known for their red wooden lacquered utensils very similar to the maldives, but lacquer actually derives from indian word lac, indian based or actually local and independently developed by the maldives.

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pre Islamic and post Islamic Indian balconies

Kumaoni architecture


architecture shown in Bhutesvara Yakshis


patna architecture 1814


Patan durbar square


the pillars at the base and balconies from the relief really seem to resemble patan architecture

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Kumaoni architecture






the serrated arches of various designs, segmental arch, the pillared arches, the paneling, the triangular roofs, the round windows/also seen in nepal architecture, the arched balconies represents the pre islamic and post islamic elements of indian vernacular and royal architecture.