Architecture of Ancient India

Feb 2013
Don't forget the Khajuraho temple complex.
Those are more medieval styles.

These are late vedic period - Maurya period - Maurya's successors periods. (1000 BC - 200+ AD). I put some images of Ajanta cave paintings as well.(Gupta)

These parts of Indian history aren't too well known, but these reliefs shows you the architecture, life style, etc being developed.
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Feb 2013

More closer took at the ancient Indian arch type. Look at the relief images of the buildings and you will see the same arch type everywhere. When Indians were cutting through the rock, they put their wooden styles into it.

Look at these rock beams. In ancient Indian architecture, these were wooden support beams.

Here is the wooden one.

Keep in mind. In ancient India, wood was the most popular building material.
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fantastic -- i hope you and M of Heaven have a complete reading list -- i have right now

1) the crest and the peacock
2) hamlets mill
3) in search of the cradle of civilization
4) advancements of the ancient india's vedic culture

do you have any suggestions on "engineering" books regarding your pics

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Wow! Excellent man! Those reliefs provide a lot more information than just buildings! They show ancient lifestyles, costumes, dancers, a scribe noting down agricultural output, a tiller, musical instruments, elephants, chariots, weaponry, temples, adivasis, village life, city life, sieges, gods(especially vishnu). These provide a ton of information on life in ancient India. Just excellent! In my opinion it depicts a very developed ancient civilization.

Can you tell me more about this picture? Those pillars remind me of Persia.

I am curious about this. These men look foreign. Are they Persians? Below are Persian soldiers for reference-
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