Are all Gods anthropomorphic?


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Jun 2014
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While anthropomorphism more common in primitive religions, Gods in 'higher' religions also have anthropomorphic traits. Why God needs any father ( or son )? Why Gods never act beyond human feelings and emotions? For example goddess Kali feel the wrath etc. Isn't it strange to believe in loving, caring, angry, frustrated, prideful Gods? It seems that 'Gods' are born out of human imagination.
and Jesus feels love. They are (born out of human imagination). I wonder why even in this age, people believe in God/Gods/Goddesses! Of course, the list can be expanded by including sons and daughters, prophets, messengers, manifestations and mahdis.

Polytheistic religions had/have innumerable philosophies which the monotheistic religions cannot even imagine/were barred from imagining. Hinduism is an example. The Egyptian and Greek must not have been any different. Do you think Hinduim stops at the elephant-headed God or the monkey-faced God?
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