Are all nationalists arrogant?


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Aug 2015
Nationalists generally have a narrow and a shallow vision, and are intolerant towards others. They do more harm than good to their own countries, though they may not realize it until it is too late.
Jul 2016
Broadly speaking,psychogically,_________ is different from __________ and this comes from deep seated inferiority and insecurity complexes of a group based on both group and individual experiences. Most ________and extreme ________also come from a bad educational background and/or bitter family life or bitter experiences elsewhere. I don't call groups that want to ________ more strongly as Hyper-_________. To say,these things have subsided in the Western nations and Developed Asian countries like Japan,Korea,Singapore,etc by now. You see center to mid ________for the most part in these nations. Most or all of people who belong to Hyper _________ subsets are of course arrogant to cover up their ignorance and wrongs or as an effect from their bitter past.
One could remove all terms like far right or nationalist from that entire rant and replace it with whatever someone fears, doesnt like, or don't understand and it would be just as true as what you wrote.

Mad Libs for the arrogant and biased ideolgue.

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Oct 2013
Are all nationalists arrogant, are all nationalists bad people?

Certainly not: they're humans, so as usually, they come in all shapes and colors.

If You wanna see a good nationalist, one that is anything but arrogant, leave forums and comments on the net and look for example at Bartok Bela.

It's instructive to learn about what he did, how he thought.

Interestingly, he made more for his nation than all nationalist politicians and miriades of nationalists put all together did, or will ever do.

(PS for non-Hungarians: ofcourse there are others, of other nationalities, beside Bartok
It's just that he has a special place in my heart)
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