Are cinema and television dying art forms?

May 2018
With the rise of the Internet and the appearance of video-sharing platforms like Youtube as well as file-sharing platforms, are cinema and television dying? Or, at the very least, losing their relevance? Is there something we can do to save them? Or should people involved in these industries simply recycle themselves elsewhere?


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Jan 2010
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Hmm... really good TV shows that are not on Netflix or HBO are not really being made any more. Lots of good shows were started between 2005 and 2010 but not many good shows have started in 2015 or later.

YouTube came out in 2005. At the time there was also Google Video but neither one of them was very popular until ,,,,,

2005 - founded
2006 - bout by google
2008 - worth 200 million and 13 hours of content being uploaded every minute by users

so, we can say about 10 years ago YouTube got massively popular
Article on History of YouTube
Wikipedia entry on History Of YouTube

Netflix - streaming Started in 2007 and got popular in 2010 ? They were making their own shows in 2013 and started airing reruns of breaking bad in 2010? Having trouble finding exact info on Netflix ,,,, I am working from memory here.

24 2001-2010
Monk 2002-2009
Shield 2002-2008
Lost 2004- 2010

Supernatural 2005 -now
Doctor Who 2005-now
Breaking Bad 2008-2013
Sons Of anarchy 2008-2014
Justified 2010-2015
Luther 2010-2018
Sherlock 2010-now?
Walking Dead 2010-now

The Americans 2013-now*
Fargo 2014-now*
Mr Robot 2015-now*

* These last few are popular but not as popular
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Aug 2013
I see cinema staying around as it is an experience to be shared with others. It is an event.

My monitors are TV's (40" flatscreen TV at Walmart for $140.00, really?) so with cable or satellite with internet I have it all.

TV by itself needs to die.


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Mar 2012
Markets will get smaller and smaller until it's hard to tell the difference between a microcaster and his or her audience.


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Oct 2011
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Internet is a platform which needs contents … if movie industry dies … internet will lose contents …

Internet will aid movie industry to survive [as it's doing already now …].
Oct 2015
Too many feature movies today are franchises, often superhero movies. Low or mid budget movies for adults are getting rarer, and frankly I miss them. This development is because of better TV's, better TV shows and streaming.


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Mar 2008
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The mediums and techniques may change but the ART will remain the same.


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Mar 2011
TV is in it's golden age right now.

But Cinema is indeed dying. Most good "film" today is more for TV anyway, including Netflix's movies.